Tuesday, 3 April 2007

noodle blog

Hello everyone!

I am an English teacher in Dalian, North-East China. I am going to blog about my day2day life and about random topics that come to mind.

First of all here is an English teacher blog...

My students have funny English! Some of them make me laugh! One of them said the other day that they wanted to "apply a job" and I couldn't help laughing when I had to tell her she meant "apply for a job"!!! Ha ha! And the shops around here have some great names! One of them has a sign above its door "Smoke Wine We Are Making Tea". Ha ha!

People stare at me! People sure do spit a lot! Chinese is kinda tough to learn, but I am going to make a real effort to start learning it soon though! I have noticed that after 77 days here most of my foreign friends here get really cynical about China, but I want to keep my heart open for the Chinese to enter!It's so cheap here! I had a bowl of noodles the other day for the equivalent of 20p! And they serve Donkey Dumplings at the place round the corner for next to nothing!

Well, it's been a pleasure reaching out a blogging hand to shake with all of you, and here's hoping those lackeys encharged with keeping out the filth from the glorious Middle Kingdom won't block my brand spanking new innocent English teacher's noodle blog.

yours aye


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The Humanaught said...

Hey Kim... nice start... and I LOVE donkey dumplings - next to dragon meat, as they say.